Food for Thought and Giving Thanks

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Food for Thought and Giving Thanks

So, hunger is on my mind, and it’s not because I didn’t have a Thanksgiving meal and leftovers. I have not been pondering physical hunger. Musing over the ideas of emotional, sexual, mental, psychological and spiritual hunger have been sparked by a series of conversations I have been having with a friend who is absolutely brilliant. He is a deep thinker with a breadth of wisdom obtained through living life to its fullest. He carries a diversity of experiences which he has relished as he feasted upon them, filling himself up in order to feed his ravenous hunger for life… his huge appetite for living, learning and loving. Bon appétit, my friend!

Food of Life
One of our conversations took us down a road exploring the idea that – music with amazing lyrics is the Food of Life. Those thoughts took us to themes so often found in lyrics. Our chat meandered down the paths of love and longing… the longing for love, finding it then looking for a way out… “Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover”. This particular winding trail caused him to query, “So, are we all hiding then? It’s the traveling not the arrival which is the prize. It’s the longing and fantasy without the commitment or the stale taste of familiarity.” I told him I was going to use that observation as a quote in a poem, and that I’d give him credit for it.

Food for Thought
Mulling over what he had said took my mind onto a side trail where I started thinking aloud about living backwards. Everything is always so clear in retrospect, “Hindsight is 20/20”… isn’t that the old adage? Merlin had it right… he lived backwards. Merlin grew young instead of old. What an advantage to have the wisdom of experience when starting out instead of when you are getting ready to step off of the planet. Following my commentary, my friend piped up showing the depth of his wisdom, “But look at all the roads you may not have traveled, all the adventures missed, all the promises – even if unfulfilled – leading to secret gardens, playing with us like dolphins. I wouldn’t take the knowledge. I would have missed too much emotionally and even physically. I want my dance, Honey.” Now how can one possibly argue with that thought line? He is grateful for all of the experiences, all of the lessons.

Giving Thanks
I think it is important to carry gratitude in your heart and express your gratitude to others whenever the opportunity arises. I know, I know… as edgy as my poetry is, you wouldn’t have expected that of me, but it’s true. This time of year, as we find the Winter Solstice is just around the corner, I like to ponder my navel, and besides looking for lint, I like to think about the experiences of the past year, and all of the things for which I am grateful. Usually I share a poem at the end of each blog post, but in this post I want to share my gratitude. I am grateful for my family, for my friends – who are my family of choice, for all of you who read my posts and have supported my book. I offer up many, many thanks for all of your kindnesses. As my brilliant friend would say, “They are uplifting… you see, kindness has wings.”