Take a Leap

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Take a Leap

Take a Leap

February 2016 is a Leap Year. Because of that, all month long the word, “leap” has continued to leap to mind. It dawned on me how many phrases and idioms we have in our language that use that word.

Look Before You Leap

This month I thought about how important it is to look before you leap. It is amazing the spots I’ve gotten myself into for not doing that. Those impulsive moments caused some areas of my life to change by leaps and bounds. Change is a fickle thing… sometimes it’s for the better, sometimes it poses immense challenges, BUT it is always interesting and necessary.

Leaps of Joy, Leaps of Faith, Quantum Leaps

In the past, as well as currently, I continue to take leaps of joy and leaps of faith, both of which are necessary to grow and evolve into the person, the Soul, I hope to become. I am a work in progress continually striving to make that quantum leap in personal growth.

Heart Leaps from Your Chest

Of course let it not be forgotten that this month also celebrates Valentine’s Day when, for some people, their hearts feel like they leap from their chests at seeing loved ones.

Long ago, in my younger years, I did leap at the chance when I thought I found love. I loved for a while. It’s so interesting when things fall apart, and the mind leaps to the conclusion that it all disappeared. I still wonder when love is not there anymore, where does it really go?

I can’t remember the last time I celebrated Valentine’s Day in that giddy, heady Love Rush-Passion Blush way, but back when I was leaping in with both feet, this was a special holiday that held total bliss for me. I think I feel a non-Hallmark, belated Valentine’s Day poem coming on…


a well wish
your deep, long, wet kiss
never having to miss

seeing your handsome face
being taken in your love-embrace
oh, God! How you make my heart race!

the excitement I feel
is so very real
when you peel
the clothes off my body

the way you taste
my legs wrapped around your waist
nothing done in haste

the sound of your voice
leaves me no choice
but to surrender to you…
completely taken away

by the




“Bliss” from Love and Other Disappointments, by R.D.R. Nevara ©2014