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I am still in the throes of processing and revisiting the activities I did through the month of September when I worked with a Soul Coaching group. Not surprisingly, I am still musing on the work we did with the element of water during Water Week, so I am piggy-backing on last month’s post. Water is connected to emotions and relationships. As mentioned in September, Water Week was an intense study for me. If you know my work, you know all kinds of things came up and still are coming up.

Water – H2O
We are water. We come from water. Water is associated with the feminine… yielding, enfolding, cleansing, life-giving flow. All women have an intimate relationship with water – the pull of the moon, the tidal ebb and flow of menses. As mammals, we are suspended, cradled and rocked in water until we come into this world as our mothers’ birth-waters gush forth like a tsunami, and with a final heave, we are pushed into this earthly realm. Our connection to water is deep and ancient.

The Consciousness of Water
The eminent Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work experimenting with water to discover if it responds to emotionally charged words is groundbreaking. His work serves to make us more aware of the magic of water, and even to consider the possibility of water being sentient. Personally, I would venture to say that water has its own form or awareness, of consciousness. It is no wonder water is associated with emotions… tears of anger, tears of pain, tears of laughter, tears of joy, cleansing tears, healing tears.

Everybody into the Pool!
Ponds, lakes, streams, rivers, seas, oceans… water is everywhere! Whether being involved in water play, or playfully exploring relationships, being a risk-taker, I have never been one to hold back. Instead of sticking my toe in to test the water, and then wading in to go for a swim, I have always been the one to dive in head first. My experience has been that, what sometimes looks like smooth, clear, rejuvenating water, ends up being a tsunami in disguise. I think I feel a poem coming on…

My Very Own Tsunami

There was no siren, no warning wail
no winds, no storm patterns of an impending gale
before you arrived
You, my very own Tsunami

You stormed into my life, you, a typhoon of passion
engulfed me like an ocean
You – mind, body, heart, soul – came in like waves
and flooded my emotions
You, my very own Tsunami

I never saw you coming, you caught me, drown me
with your devastating glance
Caught up in your torrent, rolled and tumbled,
I never stood a chance
against you, my very own Tsunami

At sea, totally adrift in you
I let myself forget what storms can do
You, my very own Tsunami

Just like the tide, you rushed in, and back out
In your wake was my destruction, no doubt
You, my very own Tsunami

You sucked me in and swept me away
and just like the tide, you couldn’t stay
You, my very own Tsunami

Your love, and you are gone – no more wax, only wane
Now, I’m left drowning, gasping, trying to breathe through the pain
of my own personal Tsunami

“My Very Own Tsunami” from Love and Other Disappointments by R.D.R Nevara, © 2014